Can there be anything more annoying than having to stand for a photo after a hot sweaty exercise session?

Especially if you are not feeling your best, and have had a hard day at work.

I get it, and you are welcome to opt out.

But here are the reasons why we do it.


Although the reason people SHOULD set up a business is to make money, this wasn’t the case for me.

I set up Urban Vitality to make a stand against the values that I felt were screwing up the fitness industry…

  • Over-complicated science confusing people.
  • Guru’s alienating the power of groups
  • Judgement and criticism being a more powerful motivator than Joy.

These things were important to me because they were part of my own personal fitness journey.

I had learnt the hard way that working out alone, and making everything a chore wasn’t the way to get long-lasting health and fitness gains.

Thats’s why I came up with the motto, “More Than Fitness”

I wanted it to be about the power of groups, the importance of joy and about keeping things simple.

Every aspect of our 21 day “Get Fit Quick” Program is about celebrating these values…

Even those damn photos!!!

Here’s three reasons how the photos do that;


IMG_0683 (1)

We remind ourselves that exercise is about enjoyment.  #Joynotjudgement

By agreeing to be in a photo you are agreeing to celebrate the Joy of movement and risk being judged.

Yes – you are hot and sweaty, and perhaps not looking your best, but that is part of the point. We want you to not care so much! (Sorry!)

It’s about putting your Joy above the judgement of others.


It’s a simple way to motivate me and people who are not at the session… #simplify

When I recruited trainers to look after some of my sessions it felt little bit like leaving your children with a baby sitter.

A photo is the simplest way for me to see that everyone is OK, and for you guys to inspire the other people on your whats app group.

I know it’s greedy of me, but I still love to see your faces after a workout.


It reminds us all where the real power and wisdom is. The group, not the instructor.  #Groupnotguru

For me, every group shot we take reminds me of the power of teamwork.

Yes, the instructor is important, but what really gets results are those teams, those friendships and those laughs.

So yes, the photos can be a chore, but to me they are about so much more.

They are a reminder that Teamwork, Simplicity and Fun are being created in every single Urban Vitality Session and that it really is about “More Than Fitness”

Remember, if you want to exercise alone and NOT have to be part of a team I’m sure there is a very good PURE Gym you can join for a very low monthly fee….

You’ll get exercise equipment, and you may even get fit. 

We’re interested in more than that though.

We want Urban Vitality!