In over ten years of helping busy people get fit and lose weight I have learnt that the biggest short cut to permanent change can be summed up in just five words…

“Sign Up To An Event”

In my experience the difference between someone on a weight loss program and an athlete is quite simple. It’s confidence.

Signing up to events is the simplest way to build that confidence.

It’s scary, you may feel you are out of your depth, and you may not feel as if you belong there.

However I believe that’s why it builds confidence, and changes everything else about the way you view both your health and fitness efforts.

Suddenly you are “Training for something” rather than simply “Keeping weight off”

Suddenly you are “choosing” a challenge rather than “coping” with one.

Suddenly you are “looking up” at achievement, rather than “looking down” at the fear of poor health.

Time after time I see that “leaders” are born at these events.

The clients who sign up to events, suddenly start motivating and helping others in their group.

They go from “coping” with life, to “creating” a life.

Yes, it’s scary.

Yes, it seems like another thing to stress about.

But BOY is it impactful.

And THAT is why we focus so much on making clients step up and do an event.

Especially if it scares them.

So if you are tired of always fighting the same battle with your health, choose a new one.

One that really could change EVERYTHING.