This month I attempted to do the front splits in just 21 days.

In public.

I failed.

<< For an idea of how I was going to do it check out my older blog post here >>

But BOY did I learn a lot about mobility!!!



Rollercoasters are not so fun when you have a crick in your neck…

Stretch your “whole body” rather than just the tight bits!

I spent the first week of this challenge I focusing ALL my stretching on my lower body only…

After about 6 days I picked a pen off the floor (a highly dangerous manoeuvre) and tweaked a muscle in my back. It was only a muscle but it felt painful. Like being winded. It wasn’t nice.

The next day, I looked up to see what was on the top shelf in a kitchen cupboard and tweaked a muscle in my neck! Ouch! Immediate crick neck!

This was beyond funny, and also beyond coincidence too!

I knew the “theory” about all muscles and fascia being connected, but perhaps this was proof that you really did need to treat the body as a whole, rather than the sum of it’s parts.

Mine was a painful way to learn that lesson!



Unplanned obstacles

“Long Haul” Flights are terrible for mobility

Due to my own bad planning I forgot that I would be going to Abu Daabi and Dubai in the middle of this challenge.

My flight had a stop over so my total travel time was around 12 hours each way.

Man was I stiff after these flights!

In fact these flights set me back quite a bit in my challenge.

If you don’t move it, you lose it!!



Use what you have, where you are

You need to stretch every day

Having missed a few days stretching due to the air travel I quickly lost the progress I made in the first week. I only had to stretch for a few minutes everyday to keep the progress going.

So when we went to camp in the desert, I didn’t waste the opportunity!

If you really need to stretch, it’s easy to find the time.


These simple tools are very very effective!


It takes “Strength” to be flexible

Despite using some of the more advanced mobility techniques available, I quickly began to realise that there was more to flexibility than stretching.

Core strength and neuro muscular health were also going to be key components in this challenge!

I didn’t have them. So my progress slowed.


What next?

I’m a bit confused right now as to whether I should try another month of mobility to see if I can get closer to my goal or to change my goal for next month to a new challenge?

What do you think? Please type Stick Or Twist to help me to decide whether I should “Stick” With the Splits for another month or “Twist” and try a new challenge in May.

Strength and Joy,