On Monday Oct 31st we’ll invite guests to start our November taster week with a super special Pumpkin Throwing Halloween workout.

This isn’t because it burns more calories and it’s not because  it’s based on the latest science either…

It’s because it’s fun.

An element that is often overlooked when people are trying to lose weight, tone up or improve their health.

After all, what’s the point in getting fit, if you hate staying fit?

I remember when I first became a personal trainer I was obsessed with designing the perfect training program for each client.

I was looking for optimum performance from each session.

The trouble was I was so busy focusing on optimum performance that I forgot about optimum experience.

What happened?

My clients would tend to find a reason to not train after a few weeks.

And then they wouldn’t answer my calls… (sad face)

That’s when I realised that there is only one ultimate fitness program.

One that you makes you look great

One that makes you feel great

And one that you enjoy.

And that’s why we’ll be chucking Pumpkins around on Oct 31st!

To get involved please register for the taster week using the link below.

One Week Free Pass