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What Makes Urban Vitality Different?

  We are one of the few Personal Training companies to offer a “Drop A Clothes size in 28 Days” Money Back Guarantee. Our sessions are also a little more social than the gym and we take our nutrition as seriously as our exercise!

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What Is Urban Vitality?

  Urban Vitality is a about helping people thrive in the Urban Environment. Through movement, nutrition and lifestyle strategies we aim to help “Strivers” become “Thrivers” getting the most out of the challenges that a modern lifestyle throws at us!

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Is "The Complete Bootcamp" Just Outdoor Exercise Circuits?

No This isn't Just Outdoor Circuits!!!

Aren’t there lots of “Bootcamps” in West London now? But are all of them the same? Below is an article I wrote a few months ago that helps you understand the difference between “The Complete Bootcamp” and a few of the other “Drop In” outdoor exercise solutions that are available in Chiswick at the moment. If you want to really upset me simply try this.

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