Urban Vitality Success Story

Urban Vitality Success Story

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Urban Vitality Success Story

How Charlie dropped 3 clothes sizes in 3 months…*

charlei before and after
This interview explains the story of how Charlie used the motivation of approaching a significant birthday to get her life back on track and focused on her bigger goals again.

She talks about her fears on her first bootcamp, the challenges she faced and also the support she received from her 0640am “team”

Well done Charlie!

*Results may vary for each participant in our program

60 Second Interview – Lizzie Prior*


This week we speak to one of our favourite Acton 0930 UV Bootcampers, Lizzie Prior.

Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from?

Lizzie Prior, a stay at home mum from Acton but grew up in Bucks.

What made you start bootcamp and when did you do it for the first time?

I started bootcamp to loose weight after my second child was born, she was 6 months at the time and came with me for the sessions, 18 months ago now!

What do like most about it?

I love everything about it, especially the laughter and being outdoors.

What is good about Urban Vitality bootcamp compared to going to the gym?

I could never go to a gym again, bootcamp is much more motivational, like your own personnel trainer. We work as a team, have fun and get a fantastic workout. Some of the best sessions are in the snow and rain as you really feel a sense of accomplishment when you are finished.

How does the bootcamp help you in your work and life?

Having two small children I NEED bootcamp to help me get over the stresses of everyday life, it is a brilliant mental release and I am loving running with my son or dancing with my daughter and having the energy to do this :).

What’s your fav bootcamp exercise?

Butterfly sit ups

How do you describe John Limpus in three words?

Inspiring, motivating, fun

Do you have any tips for your fellow bootcampers?

Combine the nutrition programme with the exercises if you want to loose weight and be energised. Come to every session and be amazed at how your fitness increases.

Do you have final comment to share with out readers?

Bootcamp is so much part of my life now and such a brilliant programme. It has without a doubt changed my life. I have dropped 2 dress sizes, have met some amazing people, have got so much more confidence in myself and am fitter than I have ever been!

*Results may vary for each participant in our program