On 22nd of August 2015 myself and 9 other adventurers will be “Doggy Paddling” the length of the Thames.

We are embarking on this adventure in order to raise £200,000 for the UK Stem Cell Foundation.

Please donate here!!!

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Click the picture to check out the promo video for Thames Doggy

Stem cell research offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a quantum leap in the way we treat a whole host of medical conditions.

Heart disease, Spinal Injuries, Glaucoma and Parkinson’s are just some of the diseases that can benefit hugely from more research into Stem Cell Research.

Here’s another way you can help!

In order to raise as much awareness as possible, we want to get as many of you as we can to post a picture of your #mydoggyface on Facebook or Twitter.

If you can ask a celebrity that’s even better!

So what are you waiting for? Show your #mydoggyface and start helping Stem Cell Research change the lives of thousands of people.