Sarah had been a 0930 Bootcamper for over 5 years and loved the camaraderie and workouts she had with Bootcamp. She was aware of the nutrition program, yet had never felt the need to try it due to the fact that she was very happy with her body shape.

She had a healthy diet, with the occasional treat, and our “Thrive” nutrition program had felt a little “Extreme” to her.

However this all changed when she realised that she was within one UV Passport stamp of a White T-Shirt!

She decided to go for the “Thrive 21” Nutrition plan (No Wheat, No Sugar, No Dairy for 21 days) in order to secure the White T-Shirt, she was amazed by the results!

In Sarah’s words…

“It has been much easier than I thought…. because I LOVE cakes!”

Sarah continued on to explain…

“However, having made the decision to cut it out I found it quite easy to say no. Even when I was making cakes for other people!

For the first few days my energy was quite low, however this soon adjusted and I became used to a far more stable type of energy then before. The quality of my sleep was also far better, although I will admit that I would feel very tired at about 9:30-10:00pm.

I’ve also noticed that my mood is far more stable too!

The best thing is that all these benefits came from such small changes. (My diet was relatively healthy apart from the wheat and sugar)

In fact the big thing I learnt was that the sugar seemed to mask my tiredness, so that without the false energy I am going to bed earlier, sleeping far deeper and waking up much more refreshed!”

The reason I love sarah’s story so much is that her diet was relatively healthy before yet a few relatively minor changes made such a massive difference!

Imagine what it could do for you!