Trial the first week.  The best thing is you can trial our programme without paying a penny for one week with no obligation to sign up.  What have you got to lose, other than a clothes size!*

*results may vary for participants in our programme.

All “Get Fit Quick”* programs have a trial taster week starting on the first Monday of the month(Except bank holidays)

What is a Trial Taster Week?

A chance to try before you buy.
You can take part in the sessions on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday of the first week
There is no charge nor obligation to continue after that time.


What happens after your Trial Taster Week?

You get a 25% discount off the full program price if you wish to continue.**  (See our pricing information tab for details)
The Tempo of the sessions will increase
You’ll start to see some results!*

*Results may vary for each participant in our program

**New members only

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be fit enough?

Our Get Fit Quick programme* is a progressive program designed for people of all abilities. If you haven’t exercised for months (Or even years) don’t worry! The program is designed for all abilities.

Do I have to do the nutrition?

No, however if you want to get results our “Thrive 21” Nutrition program will help you*. The nutritional part of the program is available to all, but compulsory for none.

*Results may vary for each participant in our program

Can I change sessions?

Yes, although we like you to commit to one time slot. You may need to do different sessions throughout the week but everyone will have a Team that is their own.