What will I be doing?

On August 22nd this year, I’ll be part of the very first team to “doggy paddle” the entire length of the river Thames. We’ll paddle the 155 mile distance day and night for around 7 days and hope to raise over £50,000 for The UK Stem Cell Research Foundation.

Who’s idea is this?

                                                          Hamish Reid

In the last few years Dr Hamish Reid has found the time to attempt the world crawling record, swim the English Channel*, and row around the British Isles. His is now focussing on his true passion, doggy paddle.

Hamish loves ocean rowing as much as doggy paddle.

When he met up with his good friend James Taylor a few months ago, they hatched a cunning plan that would let them both fulfil their passions in one single event.

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James Taylor

In 2007 James was 25 and celebrating a well earned holiday in Portugal. He saw the waves crashing against the shore and fancied a swim.

He dived into the next wave and hit a shallow part of the beach.

James’s neck broke and he damaged his spinal cord. His life suddenly changed forever.

Since then James built up a successful career in the city, become a father and also become a trustee on the UK Stem Cell Foundation.

This Doggy Paddle event will help him further the research on stem cells and give thousands of people, with numerous conditions, a real hope of recovery.

How it’s going to work

Starting from Lechlade at Old Father Thames, our team of 10 people will doggy paddle for around an hour each in relay, day and night, for over 7 days in order to reach our destination of the Thames Barrier 155 miles away.

Our crack team of experienced adventurers will seek to inspire, entertain and educate you all along the way.

As you can see from our profiles on the Thames Doggy website, we come with some serious pedigree.


How you can get involved

Sponsor us

We want to raise as much attention, and sponsorship, for the paddle as possible. You can support us as an individual but we also want to help businesses located along the Thames, both big and small, come together by sponsoring this event. You can even sponsor a yard of the route!


Cheer us along

The more people that cheer us along the more publicity we will raise for this great cause. Check out the route and social media feeds to see when we will be passing your neighbourhood.


Spread the word

Sponsorship is great but sharing is nearly as good. Tell your friends, perhaps organise a BBQ along the thames on the day we are passing. The more the merrier!


Get involved

Do you have a skill or some expertise that you feel may help us? Whatever it is, get in touch!