A very good friend of mine once told me that “Events” were vital if you wanted people to grow.

In my experience very few things have been as effective in creating long lasting health and fitness change as getting people to “Events”.

Whether it is running your first Park Run, Learning a new skill (as we did on the excellent Boxing workshop on Saturday) or simply attempting a new challenge this month (The “Ab Challenge” for example) Events are where I see people grow, and become bigger than their goals!
Here’s why I believe “Events” are such an effective way of reaching your health and fitness goals…

You’re committed

In a world with so much opportunity, it is easy to have your head turned by shiny new health tips and tactics. Signing up to an event, ideally where there has been a financial commitment, means there is no turning back!


“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity” Amelia Earhart

Your exposed to a whole new peer group

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I believe that “Fear” is something that stands in the way of many people achieving their goals.

My “Fear Challenge” Blog Post

One of the biggest fears that people have, myself included, is joining a new peer group.


Even worse is being the “new” person in a group of “experts”!!!

However, this is where the greatest growth is!

I constantly look for groups where I am the dumbest / slowest / worst person in the room.

This is where I am going to learn the most!

Sure, it’s a little uncomfortable at first, but the growth curve is phenomenal. If you want fast results you need to join a group that doesn’t just pushes you. It actually makes you feel uncomfortable.

 You learn to “Get over yourself…”


As a moody and self absorbed teenager, my mother would often remind me to, “Get over yourself Jonathan. Everyone else has.” Harsh, but probably the best advice I ever received.

I believe that one of the saddest sentences in the English Language starts with these words, “I used to…”

I used to be a size 10…

I used to be able to run a marathon…

I used to be able to touch my toes…

“Events” take us right back into the present day, and as a result make us feel “alive” again. It’s hard to feel “alive” without an element of mystery/excitement/fear.

An event takes you into the unknown again, and what you discover is ALWAYS good! The minimum win is the knowledge that you are brave enough to try!

You become bigger than a “weight loss” goal…


Darryl Edwards, “The Fitness Explorer” and well known Fitness Author, once told me that the reason he loved the concept of “Play” so much, was that he saw it as an effective way to help his clients to get through the “Chicken trying to fly Syndrome”

Chicken Flying Syndrome…

Watching someone eat healthily and start doing exercise solely in order to lose weight, can be like watching a chicken trying to fly. There is a great deal of effort, and a small amount of progress, but eventually the chicken will come back to ground. After all, it is a chicken. And whilst it CAN fly it will always feel like an effort.

“Events” allow people to transform from “Chicken’s” into “Eagles!”

An “Eagle” has a bigger goal than simply losing weight. Weight loss may be part of the journey, but it isn’t the final goal.

Acton Bootcamper Sarah, pictured below, is a good example of this. When she first came to Urban Vitality, 5 years ago, her goal was simply to “control” her weight and stay “healthy’ for her family and long term health.

After much encouragement, she finally decided that she would try an “Event”, as much out of curiosity as anything else.

She was genuinely nervous before her first “Park Run” 5km but enjoyed the experience and committed to do at least one run every month to compliment her bootcamp!

That was 23 Park Runs ago! (She ended up doing more than 1 a month!)IMG_1696

Last weekend she completed her first 10km race, and is contemplating, although has not committed to, a half marathon!

Sarah has become an Eagle!

Weight loss, better health and more energy and confidence are now the “by products” of bigger goals, rather than the goals themselves! As an “Eagle” these healthy “By Products” are now FAR more likely to stay!

“Events” help us become Eagles, and achieve extraordinary things!

THATS’s why we focus on “Events” around Bootcamp!

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