“More Than Fitness”

Lucia explains how UV helps keep her “Happy” as well as “Fit”


  • Who are you?  What do you do? Where are you from?

My names Lucia and I live in Acton. I’m a full time mum but simultaneously run my own business which I set up just before I gave birth to my first child eleven years ago.

  • What made you start bootcamp and when did you do it for the first time?

I joined UV in July of this year having been a member of a local gym for some fifteen years. Quite a few of my friends are UV members and seeing how well they all looked and how positively they all spoke about John, it only took a little nudge from a dear friend of mine who is also a member to get me to sign up.

  • What do like most about it?

What I love most about UV is how I feel at the end of a session, it’s something I’ve never felt when doing exercise before and I think this is to do with a number of factors. Firstly, Johns enthusiasm and the endless encouragement he gives helps enormously. Then there’s the camaraderie from the other members which again I’ve never experienced before and finally even when it’s been freezing cold and poring with rain, being outside seems to have an amazing effect on my well-being and emotional state of mind.

  • What is good about Urban Vitality bootcamp compared to going to the gym?

Unlike my experience with the gym, within UV you get so much support and encouragement. Whenever I don’t understand what’s going on with my body John is there to explain in simple clear terms. Also, John cares about his members and makes sure to keep up to date with each and every individuals progress. In my experience, when you’r a member of a gym nobody seems to care how you’re getting on or for that matter wether you even go, so long as you keep on paying. This is completely the opposite with UV! I haven’t missed a single session. I have now attended more UV session in 5 months than my total attendance to the gym in the 15 years of my membership.

  • How does the bootcamp help you in your work and life?

Prior to joining UV I struggled with certain challenges that I have no control over within my life and as a a consequence suffered from considerable depression and totally lacked motivation. However, even though the challenges haven’t disappeared, since joining UV the depression has and I am now feeling both physically and mentally strong. I actually feel properly happy for the first time in a long time and for me UV is the key.