What am I doing? (DON’T try this at home)

For the next 21 days I will be focusing on #justonething with my diet. I will be avoiding fat.

I will be consuming less than 3% fat a day (At the time of going to press I have decided to give myself a small margin of error) in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of fat in our diets.


** Update **

After 7 days of eating “No Fat” foods, which are generally marketed as “healthy options”

I don’t feel so good.

However, my weight hasn’t changed at all.

This led me to the question, is it possible to put on fat eating “healthy” / “Fat Free” foods?

So that’s what I’m going to try and do…

I’m going to try and get “Fat” eating “Fat Free” foods that are marketed as “healthy”

Last year I surveyed the eating habits of all my clients, via an app called “My Fitness Pal”.

The data I gathered told me more about what my clients were REALLY doing than anything else I have done in 8 years of Health Coaching.

One of the key lessons that I learnt was that my clients were still quite fearful of fat.

Despite my protestations that healthy fats are good for you, the data was telling me that my clients thought otherwise.

It appears that the government’s efforts to demonise fat during the 1980’s and 90’s had been so effective, that we are still confused and a little scared about eating fat in our diet.

I decided I was going to have to go to more extreme measures to help people realise how important fat was to our health, mental well being and ability to perform at our best…

And that is why I have decided to go “Fat Free” for 21 days.

For 21 days, I’m going to be exchanging my normal “High Fat” Diet, for a “No Fat” diet. After all, if fat is as bad as some people still think it is, the less fat I eat, them more healthy I will become? And thin…?


I wanted to truly examine what “Fat Free” felt like for ME, not just in theory.

It’s all very well talking about theory like, “nails breaking, and hair falling out” but what was going to happen to me? What would I feel like if I avoided fat completely in favour of “Fat Free” foods marketed as “healthy”

What would be the real affects of taking fat out of MY DIET?

The affects on MY mood, the affects on MY waistline, the affects on MY sleep? Research studies can be extremely confusing, as can the opinion of health “experts”, so I wanted to see what happened to MY BODY and inspire other people to do the same, on a less extreme basis with their own health. (Bio-hacking if you will)

You are the most important EXPERT in your own health…

Low fat, high fat, vegan, paleo, dairy free, wheat free, you can read until your are blue in the face, but the real power is in DOING IT!

Understanding the rhythms of each individual diet for yourself.

The costs, the culture, the public opinion, the time invested and the skills required. Each diet is different. These are the real factors that influence a diets success. Not just what should happen in “theory”.

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The Urban Vitality “Method”

 How I am going to do it…

In accordance with Urban Vitality’s ALERT Method I will be using the following tricks to make the experiment a success.

A – Assess & Accountability

I will be taking before and after photos and measurements as well as a mood & sleep assessment each morning.

L – Lifestyle

I will be keeping my exercise and sleep consistent throughout the experiment and keeping a daily Video diary that I will post on the UV Facebook page.

E – Events – (Using social support)

I will make the experiment public in order to give myself accountability and I will be interviewing a number of experts from different viewpoints in order to gain greater insight into opinions on fat. I will also be following a number of vegan blogs in order to gain some more interesting low fat recipes.

R – Recognition

Simply raising awareness about the role of nutrition in our busy lifestyles is reward enough! It’s my job after all!

T – Tailor

I have created a low fat meal planner specifically for my weekly lifestyle. This works for me and my lifestyle over a regular 7 day cycle.

What do the experts think?

Here is what leading Nutritionist Jo Scott Dalgleish thinks are some of the health implications of what I am going to do.



Here is what leading health activist and author of “Slimology” Sam Feltham thinks may happen…


Follow my progress…

I will be tweeting regular updates about my challenge by using the hashtag #nofatchallenge2015