What made you start Urban Vitality? 

I saw double figures on the scales and my clothes were very tight!  At 5ft 1, this was just not acceptable to me and the last straw was when I was going to a friend’s bday and realised my choice of two dresses no longer fitted me.  Luckily at the same time, my friend Roxane, who I worked with, said she was going to start doing Urban Vitality bootcamp and did I want to join?

Even though I was a member of my gym at work, I hated going, so this alternative seemed like a good idea!

What’s been your most recently struggle with health and fitness? 

In the last 6 months,I seemed to have hit a plateau. I noticed that my clothes were getting tight again.  Even though I am reasonably healthy food wise and was still exercising regularly, I realised was back in the double figures zone.  I knew I had a few pounds to shift, rather than stones and still ate reasonably healthy so it was difficult to motivate myself into figuring out what changes I needed to make to get back into shape, as was convinced I was doing all the right things still.  Even though I was watching what I was eating again, I was struggling to lose any inches or weight.

How have you overcome it?

Urban Vitality really helped re-motive me and get me back on track, as John has introduced new trainers so I get to do different exercises and my body is being pushed in different ways.

I also asked them for tips and suggestions and the people in the group also helped me by posting healthy recipes in the “whats app” groups.  In addition to UV, I also knew I needed to up my amount of exercise so have added a lot of walking at the weekend.  Just little things like walking from Kings X back home – (7 miles) and leaving my car at two stations away, so I have to walk in the morning to pick it up.  I also track my calories via My Fitness pal, so I know I am not eating the wrong things or consuming too many calories.

What have you learnt though it all?

That you need to constantly change and adapt, as your body gets used to a certain type of exercise – so you need to mix it up a bit.

Any tips for others?

Add in different exercises at the weekend or whenever you can.  Watch what you are eating – you may think you are being really healthy, but could be having too big portions etc.  My Fitness pal was a great app to help me monitor this.