Dear All Athletes,

Urban Vitality is primarily about helping busy people who don’t like the gym get fit quickly.

However, it is also about teamwork and community.

Over the last few days, families, towns and our nation has become divided over the Britain’s relationship with Europe.

At Urban Vitality we choose to work as a team in order to help everyone achieve great results.



It’s the “group” rather than the “guru” that helps us get great results.


As a result of this myself and the other trainers have decided to offer a free incentive to help keep you focused on the unity of the group, and your fitness goals!

There will be a 10 Burpee forfeit for anyone mentioning “Brexit” or “British Politics” of the next two weeks. 

We don’t feel that our exercise sessions are the place to do this I’m afraid.

The nation may be divided over this issue but our groups won’t be!

Much love,


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