This year I was lucky enough to train over 120 different people through our Bootcamps in Chiswick and Acton.

Many stayed for just a few months, however to qualify for our Bootcamper of the Year prize you needed to have done a full Calendar year!

Sun, snow, wind and rain have all been part of 2014 and here are the 5 Bootcampers we have selected, who we feel best embody our “Stay ALERT” Philosophy in bringing greater levels of Urban Vitality into their lives through health and fitness.


0930 Acton Bootcamp – Sarah Towers


It would seem that there is never an “Easy Year” to get fit and stay healthy.

For Sarah 2014 was actually one of the more challenging! Juggling a 4 year post-graduate diploma in Psychotherapy with the task of bringing up two teenagers would have been a convenient time to stop Bootcamp and reduce the amount of fitness Sarah was doing. Instead, she has used nutrition, the power of 4 and Bootcamp to act as an effective means of finding the strength to become a great mother and student!

After many years of intention, she finally made 2014 the year to try a few 5km Park runs and now regularly attends the gunnersbury park run weekly with her daughter and husband!

What could have been the year that broke her commitment to fitness and nutrition, has actually been the year that took it up a level! Well done Sarah!

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1830 Bootcamp – Pat Carr


Pat has been a superb Bootcamper for over 3 years now. Dropping, (and gaining!) a clothes size, on many occasions!

As with many men, his progress with health and fitness seemed to co-relate directly with his work commitments. When work was quieter he could focus on fitness and health, but when work got busier (Pat runs his own company) then fitness would be pushed back.

2014 saw an increase in long distance travel for Pat and it would have been easy for him to quit Bootcamp altogether.

However, after a few exhausting months of travel in the summer of 2014, Pat decided that he HAD to up his commitment to nutrition if he was to be able to keep up with the demands of work.

Discovering that a low carb approach worked particularly well for him, Pat managed to lose nearly two stone during one of the most demanding years of his career AND attend Bootcamp, at near Hall Of Fame, level for over 4 months consistently.

As a result of this Pat goes into 2015 knowing that both his business and health CAN thrive together!

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0645 Bootcamp – Sue Mawer

Sue has been a brilliant Bootcamper for over 5 years now!

When Sue first started Bootcamp, she was looking for a way of staying fit with others, which is why  Bootcamp was perfect. Sue had previously played hockey and missed the camaraderie of staying fit with others.

Sue quickly became a superb member of the 0930 Bootcamp team, combining it with bringing up two children and working part time freelance.

However in 2014 she returned to (pretty much) full time office based employment, and made the jump over to the 0645 Bootcamp!

Sue says, “When I was a 0930 boot camper, I thought all the 0645’s were super human! Now I just think it as a great way to start the day!”

Despite having less time, she has continued her progress with her health and fitness and now even plays the occasional game of Hockey too!


0930 Bootcamp – Helen Ryan


Helen has been a superb member of both the 0930 Acton Bootcamp and the 1830 Chiswick Bootcamp for over 2 years. During this time she has juggled a return to work with being the single parent of 3 children.

The pressure to put health and fitness to the back burner has been obvious during this time, but Helen has gone from strength to strength in the last 12 months!

Fine tuning her diet to increase her energy levels, taking part in new activities and becoming an integral member of two Bootcamps.

A really inspiring example of fitness being the core of a busy life!


Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 16.32.44

0645 Bootcamp – D’Arcy Rossiter


D’arcy gets my vote for his sheer consistency over the whole of 2014. The 0645 Bootcamp can be a pretty cold and dark place to start a day in January, yet D’arcy (and fellow 0645 legend Tony Maguire) have been the backbone of that group for over 12 months now.

Making the occasional tweak to his nutrition, without it affecting his weekends too much!, D’arcy has developed into a super strong athlete capable of whacking out a very reasonable 10km whenever required.

Great Year D’arcy!