This month I will be attempting to do the scissor splits in just 21 days!

I think that mobility is important. I think that it is the reason that so many of us have chronic injuries.

It’s also, in my humble opinion, misunderstood.

I want to inspire more people to take their mobility seriously, and take control of their pain management.

I also want to show people that there are more effective methods out there than conventional stretching.

How flexible am I at the moment?


How am I going to be doing this?

Last year I was working out at “Crossfit Wycombe” and was fortunately enough to be exposed to some really effective mobility techniques.

In fact, the mobility, was one of the most powerful things I learnt from my time as a Cross Fitter!

I am going to be focusing mostly on the mobility techniques of Kelly Sturrart used in his awesome book the Supple Leapord, as well as regular Yoga sessions and some of the relaxation techniques proposed by Comrade Vlad in his book Relax into Stretch.

I am sure I will also learn some great tips from my interviews with a number of experts throughout the month!

How can you follow me?

I’ll be using the hashtag #splitschallenge2015 on twitter and posting regular photos and interviews on my Facebook page and that of Urban Vitality.